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We all at Globalworth believe that is any corporation's duty to assess and take responsibility for its effects on environmental and social wellbeing. Ever since we have opened our operations in Romania, we have had a keen interest in supporting the local community and along the years we developed and financed various CSR initiatives.

  • 2017 Globalworth Christmas Charity Days Report

    2017 Globalworth Christmas Charity Days ended yesterday ... after for long days we hope we brought a little bit more happiness in their hearts and lots of smiles on their faces. Here's the story told by the pictures we took at the event.

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  • Globalworth Christmas Charity Days 2017

    Globalworth Team back together once again for over 1200 children

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  • Diploma

    "Diploma", a project dedicated to supporting the creative community, held an impressive exhibition at Stirbei Palace in Bucharest, as well as various events.

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  • Globalworth Camp Day 2017

    For the second edition of Globalworth Camp Day 2017, Globalworth brought together over 600 people who all had an amazing time together.

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  • Special champions 2017 (Campioni speciali 2017)

    The "Campioni speciali 2017" initiative is a sports competition for children with various disabilities.

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